Getting your apartment ready for spring

Spring is less than two days away! March 20th is the official start of sunshine and warm weather. Its been beautiful and sunny in Omaha for a week now and we want it to stay that way! In celebration of casting off our coats and getting ready for shorts and sundresses, here’s three easy tips to prep your apartment for Spring:

1. Spruce up your apartment walls with some new wall art. This kit we found on is a great way to personalize your walls with your favorite quotes or your own artwork. We love the idea of placing that eat plate with the fork, knife, and spoon in our gorgeous apartment kitchen.

2. Switch up your bedding to reflect the change in seasons. This is one of the easiest ways to make a huge impact on the overall look of your apartment. This cheerful yellow bedding is available at Crane and Canopy and is half the price of similar designer sets.

3. Add some fresh flowers to your entryway. Spring is the season for flowers, and now that Valentine’s Day is over they’re a lot more affordable. Coming home to beautiful flowers will delight your nose as well as your eyes. There is just something so happy and relaxing about being greeted by fresh flowers. We’ve had good luck picking up pretty arrangements at grocery stores.


Talk to us: Do you decorate your apartment for Spring? What’s your favorite way to celebrate the start of warmer weather?