The Grocer’s Goblin and The Little Mermaid Review

Are you looking for something fun to do close to home this weekend? We don’t blame you for not wanting to travel very far. It’s cold out! That’s why we thought we’d tell you about something fun to do just down the street!

The Rose Theater (just down the block!) is showing performances of The Grocer’s Goblin and The Little Mermaid every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until February 16th. Meant for families and viewers of all ages, this is something that can be enjoyed solo or as a fun date night. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased here.

It is a story within a story, featuring a puppet operated by humans for The Grocers Goblin and beautiful shadow puppets for The Little Mermaid.

The imagery in this play is truly beautiful. It is also fun to get to hear the Hans Christian Andersen version of these stories, which is so different from the Disney remakes we grew up watching. There is definitely some darker plot twists!  We found the story to be really entertaining and captivating.

Talk to us: Are you a fairy tale fan? Have you been to The Rose Theater before?