Exploring Fontenelle Forest

Have you heard of Fontenelle Forest before? 15 minutes away from The Highline in South Omaha, it’s a Nebraska treasure. Best of all, it’s open all year round as a fun option for an active outing.

This weekend has highs in the mid to high 40’s. (We realize warm is relative, but that sounds like summer to us after temperatures in the negatives this past week.) That’s perfect weather for hiking. The trails are less crowded, there’s no bugs, and you can see the forest in a different state. Here’s an unobstructed view of the Missouri River that’s only possible during colder months thanks to bare trees.

We fell in love with this frozen pond.

Can you spot your apartment from here? Okay that’s a stretch, but we can see the building! It’s amazing how 15 minutes can take you out of the city and put you in a completely different environment.

There’s also fun activities for kids! (And kids at heart.) The forest is great at offering a forest experience for every level. There are 19 miles of dirt trails, and 2 miles of wooden, boardwalk-style trails that are maintained and clear all year round. And for the little ones, there’s an entire area of the forest (right by the entrance) dedicated to fun playtime just for them.

Being out in nature is such a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful experience. It’s nice to get to put down our cellphones and disconnect from the hussle and bustle for a little bit. Our favorite part of hiking has to be afterwards though. A few hours in the forest is a serious workout, and sitting down for dessert afterwards is the best experience. You feel no guilt biting into a big piece of cake. 😀

Talk to us: Have you hiked Fontenelle Forest? Does it sound like a fun activity to you?